Working from home in 2022

23rd June 2022

By Trevor Hogarth

When I was younger, I used to see on the newspaper that you could work from home and make money from your couch. When I was a teenager working from home was only but a dream. But now in the year 2022, millions of people work from the comfort of their home office or even a kitchen table. Including myself.

It is no longer a dream but a realistic way of living life. I have been working from home for some years now and I love it. But that doesn’t mean I have an easy life, it just means I have a few advantages, but the are definitely some disadvantages as well.

Well, let’s go over the bad stuff first because I normally like to save the best for last. Yes, I normally eat all my fries first before I devour the burger, the best part.

I am Trev, I am 41 years old. A married man with 2 babies and a step daughter who I call Hurricane Juanita because everywhere she goes, she makes a mess.

Disadvantages of working from home


 I normally start my work day to the sound of screaming from my 1 and half year-old son Daniel. He is cute and I love him to death, but when trying to work from home in our apartment, it is impossible to escape the nose from babies. And when they are not making nose, I enjoy playing with them and completely forgetting that I need to work and produce. The challenge is real.

The fact that I am a father, it is only a matter of time before I get on the computer and dedicate myself. Life has a cost and if I don’t push myself to work, I risk taking a loss that month.

I am a content creator and if I don’t create new and engaging content, views drop and I make less money. Facts.

Too Many Breaks

When you work from home, you have many conveniences like your kitchen being 10 steps away. I find myself frequenting the kitchen to eat when I’m not hungry, to make a coffee when I already had five of them, and sometimes to watch YouTube. And this is not ideal because, again, I should be working and not relaxing. 

Furthermore, I take my son for one walk in the morning and another in the afternoon, which isn’t exactly a disadvantage because my son is awesome. But it is more time that I am not working. 


I am always at home. My wife is always at home. We are always at home! We are all humans and humans can easily annoy each other for the stupidest of reasons. With COVID and moving forward into the future, families have been pushed to the limits in terms of patience when it comes to bothering one another over nonsense. At times, it is a good idea to go outside for a walk and be alone to breathe. It is important to keep your sanity. 

For myself, those are the negatives. I don’t really care to be at a physical office. I do not need to make friends or any of that stuff. At this phase of my life, I enjoy being alone as much as possible. To me, humans are animals. When too many of us are in one room like an office, things will get crazy at some point. Which brings me to the good stuff. 

Advantages of working from home

I hate the office 

In my life, working with people always seems to begin well, but at a certain point, people get on each other’s nerves. They use each other. They speak badly about each other. I am happy to be away from that.

People that are not related can go from being great friends one day to completely hating each other the next. With working from home, my wife and I could get into a debate or argument, and a couple hours later or sometimes the next day, we are good, laughing and hanging out together. 

I get to see my kids grow, and I have lunch with my family everyday. It is nice. 

No more traffic

Many people might write about how working from home is great for the planet because less people are driving, which cuts down on pollution, but honestly, I just hate driving. I have driven from the age of 18 and frankly, I don’t want to do it anymore. I live in a city where I can walk to just about anywhere to get the things that I need the most, like coffee and empanadas. 

Not having a car obviously leads to people having more money in their bank accounts because we all know what it costs to have a car, alot. For God’s sake, even if your car is paid for, you still have to pay gas, insurance, maintenance, etc. The struggle is real, amigos.

Less stress

I can’t say that working from home will bring everyone less stress. This has been my experience. When I was living in Toronto, Canada, I was stuck in traffic constantly. This caused stress and it also caused me to question what the heck I was doing on this planet, like I was a modern day slave. The best thing I ever did in my life was escape the rat race and begin to work from home. 

We all know the consequences of too much stress. It can cause health problems. People should be doing the most to combat stress. Life is important. Treat yourself well. If you hate your job, do something else or try to, responsibly of course. I am not saying to suddenly quit your job if you don’t like it, but there are always other options in life. 

Make your own schedule

For myself, being a business owner, freelancer, I can set my own hours. I can take a day off if needed. I have no boss. That is my situation being a content creator. 

Perhaps you would like to work from home as a salary worker and have stable employment, perfect. You may be able to play with your hours if you’re employed, if you have a good relationship with your boss. 

Back in the day, I worked your typical 9 to 5 job. What we call in North America “The Rat Race.” The weeks were long and traffic was terrible, but it was the reality of being alive. We all have to work. 

Realistically there are many pros and cons of working from home, but most people have very busy lives and don’t have time to read a 10 page blog. 

Do what works for you. Put your health first because we can’t enjoy money and success if we are sick. 

Thanks for reading. Sharing is caring.