Working from Home in Colombia, South America as a Canadian

Medellin, Colombia at Dusk

I am Trevor H.

This is a short 2 minute article of the advantages and disadvantages of working from home in Colombia, South America as a Canadian. Let’s go back in time a couple years. 

When I first arrived in Medellin, Colombia, it wasn’t too long before I learned how to say avocado and pineapple in Spanish. The local sellers would have no shame by waking the entire street at 6 a.m to make a sale. Hey, everyone has to get paid. I get it. 

The hustle culture of the city actually gave me motivation to work from my bedroom as I was living in a shared house in Laureles, Medellin. 

My work day started around 6 30 a.m, as that would be the time I would teach students online who lived in China. 

Let’s jump right into this brief list that I have compiled about working from home in the beautiful city of Medellin. 

The disadvantages of working from home in Colombia

  1. The Noise

It seems like every Latin American country I have been to loves music, and they have no problem listening to it all the way until 4 or even 5 a.m. To be honest, at the time, I didn’t think this was something I would ever be able to get used to. 

Presently, I am 41 with 3 kids and I like to go to sleep around 10 p.m. If I don’t get some quality sleep my production the next day will either decrease or be of less quality, which could mean less earnings that month. 

  1. Distractions

At times, when I went for my morning walk, and because the city was so beautiful, I ended up staying outside and completely forgetting about work. There was one instance where I lost track of time and forgot that I had two online English classes scheduled. For some people they may view this as an advantage, but if it interferes with my work from home productivity then it hurts my bank account. Nonetheless perhaps my own lack of discipline was on display. 

Look, presently, I’m happily married, and if anyone reading this blog knows my wife, please down share this with her. Please. But let’s be honest here, the girls in Medellin are quite beautiful and at times my morning coffee (1 coffee) at the cafe would turn into having 3 coffees, only so I could observe the amount of beautiful women that were near. 

I am sure there are many Canadians like myself who come to Colombia and they are completely mesmerized by the abundance of beautiful women, and again, this interferes with productivity, thus losing more dinero with time wasted, but in a good way. 

3. The Chicas

Let us move to the present day. It is July 11, 2022 at the time that I write this blog, 2 years after my time in Medellin. 

I am now living in Ibague, Tolima.  Tolima is the province in Colombia with the best soccer team in the country, according to my wife Pilar, who is from Tolima. 

Without further ado, here are…

The advantages of working from home in Colombia

  1. The Noise

After a couple years in Colombia, my attitude has changed. Instead of only thinking about work, I like to listen to Latin music and I am a terrible dancer, but I enjoy it nonetheless. I don’t mind staying up really late to have fun and be with my wife. Sometimes we drink too much and we are left with a headache, but whatever. 

In the morning, there is a loud man that sells fruits and vegetables, and to my convenience, I purchase these items right in front of our apartment. He used to charge me alot more for fruits but once I introduced him to my Colombian wife, the prices decreased. 

  1. Distractions

Every morning, I go to get a coffee. After the coffee I like to explore the city by foot and see some of the sites. The mountains are beautiful and I still feel like a tourist even though I have lived in Ibague for some time now. The distractions are entertaining here, from people dancing on the street, delicious street food, the list of distractions go on and on. 

When I work from my home office, I gaze out the window to see beautiful tropical plants and trees, which are completely different from the type of nature I would see back in Canada. 

As you can see, some distractions were inconvenient and now I simply enjoy them. 

Ok, here we go. Number 3 and the last one. You guessed it.

3. The Chicas

Amigos, again, presently I am married with 3 kids, and my Colombian wife will not like this blog, so keep it private. Please. Ok here we go. 

When I go for my morning coffee, I sit there, and I observe. The amount of hot…

Wait, I think I hear my Colombian wife as I am writing this. She is walking my way. She is entering my office. I have to go. Pray for me.

Don’t share the blog.